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Surgical Options for Treating Anal Fissures

The pain from an anal fissure can be intense enough to cause sufferers to reduce their activity level on a daily basis. In the most severe cases, it can cause discomfort for several hours after using the bathroom, and greatly reduce quality of life. Fortunately though, most anal fissures heal on their own in about 
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Lateral Internal Sphincterotomy: The Recovery

Anal fissures can be painful, sometimes to the point that they disrupt everyday activities. Your doctor probably first recommended the typical treatment, consisting of a regimen of stool softeners and medicated creams. If this does not alleviate your symptoms and allow the fissure to heal within a couple of weeks, however, you may need to 
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Will I Need A Sphincterotomy Or A Fissurectomy?

Anal fissures are small tears that occur in the skin of the anus. These tears are incredibly common. In fact, you’ve probably had at least a small one. Many heal on their own with at-home care. When they are larger, however, they can cause pain and burning, as well as bleeding during bowel movements. Between 
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How Are Chronic Anal Fissures Treated?

Each year in the United States, about 200,000 people are diagnosed with anal fissures, making fissures one of the most common anorectal issues. Anal fissures affect people from all ages, backgrounds and social classes. A tear in the anal canal lining, known medically as a fissure, is typically discovered because it causes a lot of 
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When You Should Choose an Anal Fistulotomy

An anal fistula is a small channel that develops between the end of the bowel and the skin near the anus. While small, these conditions can cause profound pain and discomfort in anyone affected. Over time, a fistula can worsen, causing even greater pain and the chance for a serious infection. Thankfully, there are numerous 
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The Unique Benefits of a Fistula Plug

Whether due to a medical condition or a sudden injury, thousands of people suffer from anal fistulas every year. These small channels that develop near the end of the bowel can cause serious discomfort and medical complications. Thankfully, there are many different treatment options for anal fistulas. More and more, people are choosing fistula plugs 
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Why Is Anal Fistula So Difficult to Treat

Anal Fistulas are openings near the anus and/or the rectum. They come from infections or puss that have built up in the anus. They can also be the result of another condition, such as Crohn’s disease. Early diagnosis and treatment are essential for successfully curing this condition, which can be noticeably stubborn. Symptoms of Anal 
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Ways to Prevent Anal Fissures

Anal Fissures can be very unpleasant. Tears in the tissue along the anal wall can cause a great deal of pain and lead to bleeding. Sometimes prevention is the best way to combat this condition. That’s why following these simple steps is so important. Fiber, Fiber, Fiber One of the leading causes of anal fissures 
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What is the Best Anal Fissure Treatment?

Anal Fissures, also known as fissures, are tears in the anal canal. Fissures are responsible for about 15% of visits to a colorectal surgeon and can affect all ages. These anal canal tears can cause extreme pain while having a bowel movement. Fortunately with the expert help of the colorectal surgeons at the Fissure & 
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When Anal Fissures or Fistulas Persist

Anal fissures are relatively common occurrences that can cause major discomfort.  Often, fissures (tears in the anal canal) heal on their own and do not require anal fissure repair surgery. However, if symptoms persist for more than a few weeks, you may want to schedule a consultation with a skilled colorectal surgeon. Additionally, fistulas (anal 
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