An anal fistula is a type of channel that appears in the anal canal. In many cases, opening the channel and allowing it to drain and heal can resolve the fistula. In some cases though a different approach is necessary. This is especially true when the fistula includes a large portion of the sphincter. In such instances, many patients may find relief from an endorectal advancement flap. However, others may require a different procedure known as a fistula plug.

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What Is a Fistula Plug?

A fistula plug is a procedure done to stop up a fistula with a plug composed of small intestinal submucosa. This plug is inserted in the fistula channel and secured in place. Over time, the body’s tissue grows over the plug, closing the fissure permanently. 

Typically patients are put under general anesthetic for a fistula plug. Beverly Hills doctors perform this surgery as an outpatient procedure, which means patients are free to go home the same day. While several different types of fistula plugs exist, they all perform the same essential function. 

Why Should You Have a Fistula Plug?

There are a number of benefits that a fistula plug can offer. These include:

  • The procedure is minimally invasive.
  • It offers a high success rate.
  • The risk of postoperative incontinence are minimal.

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